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Serving youth all over western Oregon. We are a proud diocese of the Episcopal Church!

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Welcome to the Oregon Youth Ministries Commission!

The Episcopal Diocese of Oregon includes 75 churches and five campus ministries. Our name is a little misleading — actually, the Diocese of Oregon is really the Diocese of WESTERN Oregon, and it ends at the Cascades.  (The other two-thirds of the state is served by the Diocese of Eastern Oregon.)

The Youth Ministries Commission (YMC) is a group of youth and adults from all over the diocese. Our goal is to serve Episcopalians in grades 6-12 and the fearless adults who work with them.

Some of the things we can do for you are:

If you are a clergy member or lay congregational leader:

  • Help your church start or revive a youth group
  • Help you recruit and hire a youth leader
  • Work with you to figure out how best to serve teens in your community
  • Keep you informed about upcoming youth events and leader trainings
  • Make sure your church has safe and legal policies for youth work in place

If you are an adult who works with youth:

  • Provide you with sample permission slips and other standard paperwork
  • Hook you up with trainings and continuing education
  • Let you know about great job opportunities in youth ministry
  • Suggest books, videos, curriculum, and other resources for you
  • Connect you with other Episcopal youth leaders in your area
  • Offer you volunteer opportunities that will let you “get your feet wet” before you make a long-term commitment to youth work

If you are a youth in grade 6-12 (or age 11-18):

  • Invite you to overnight retreats where you’ll meet other Episcopal youth from around the diocese
  • Take you on national trips where you’ll meet other Episcopal youth from around the world!
  • Offer you the opportunity for leadership on the Youth Ministries Commission or as a Counselor-in-Training at camp
  • Share information about scholarships, summer camp, and more
  • Help you figure out what to do with your life after high school

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    Nice blog, Cat. I appreciate all the information provided.

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